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About Modus

Modus is an award-winning boutique website design & development company set up in July 2002 by Eamon Donovan and David Henry. Modus specialises in website design, website development and website maintenance, website hosting, domain registrations, domain renewals and domain management, content management systems (CMS), search engine optimisation (SEO) and internet consultancy. We’re effectively a website turnkey operation. Whatever you need in the realm of getting a top-class professional website together can be organised by Modus. No two of our websites are alike. They’re all unique, custom-designed for our clients. We spend little or nothing on advertising as most of our work comes in the form of referrals and extra work from existing clients. We do our absolute best for you because we know it will pay off down the line. Call it karma, kismet or plain common sense.

Here’s how we operate:

Step 1. Potential client contacts us through our lo-call number 1890 202 107 or email

Step 2. We meet them and listen to what they’re looking for. We make some suggestions and discuss the project, objectives, deadline, budget, etc.

Step 3. Based on the meeting, we put together a fully-costed website proposal with our understanding of all that the project entails, all broken down by cost with timeline, milestones, etc..

Step 4. If the potential customer is happy to proceed, we issue an invoice for 50% of the agreed fee and on receipt of payment, we begin work. This is the point when the proposal can be amended to suit the clients requirements and budget.

Step 5. We draft up a website template and if the client likes it, we turn it into a website, adding content. If it isn’t to the client’s liking, we take their feedback on board and redraft until they’re happy with the look and feel of the new site.

Step 6. Once the site is fully live, the final payment is due.

Step 7. If the client wants us to provide ongoing support, maintenance and development, we enter into a service level agreement with the client.

Contact us at or lo-call 1890 202107 to get the ball rolling.