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1. We always strive to do the absolute best possible job for our clients. Happy customers refer new business to us. Another by-product is that we sometimes win awards.

2. We work hard to forge fruitful long-term relationships with clients. The only way to do this is through hard work, honesty and good value for money.

3. All our websites are unique, bespoke products tailored to our clients requirements. We never use off-the-shelf website templates.

4. We never try to sell something to a client that they don’t need. Trust and respect are earned through honesty and fair dealing.

5. We prefer to use reliable Irish suppliers if at all possible rather than the cheapest foreign alternatives. We’re trying to keep jobs in this country if we can. After all, we are a Guaranteed Irish company.

6. We promptly pay employees, suppliers and contractors the market price for their services. They’ve done their bit. The least we can do is pay them what we owe and pronto.

7. We reward people who refer new business to us. It could be a voucher for a shop or a meal at a nice restaurant, but if you were kind enough and made the effort to generate some business for us, we want you to know that we really appreciate it.

8. At Christmas we give charitable donations to a different causes in lieu of Christmas cards. The charities make more money at the expense of An Post and the card companies. And it’s more environmentally sustainable.

9. We occasionally do work at reduced cost for charities, but we don’t shout about it as we’d be inundated with requests.

10. We publish our client list and we encourage you to contact our clients for references. It’s as much about transparency as getting satisfied clients to drum up business for us.