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Modus launches web site is the web site of the Irish Fiscal Research Policy Research Centre. They aim to make it as easy as possible for interested citizens to understand the choices involved in addressing public policy issues and their implications.

Their purpose is to:

  • Carry out independent research to inform public policy choices
  • Communicate the results effectively
  • Stimulate constructive discussion amongst policy makers, civil society and the general public

The Chairman of is Professor Frank Convery. Dr Donal de Buitléir is a Director of

Board Members

Professor Peter Clinch
Vice-President for Innovation, UCD

Ms Anne Maher
Former CEO of the Pensions Board

Mr Sean Moriarty
Former Head of Tax Administration and Consumption Taxes Division, OECD

Mr Joe O’Toole
Former Senator

Mr Cormac O’Dea
Institute for Fiscal Studies, London

Professor Yvonne Scannell
School of Law, Trinity College

Ms Bride Rosney
Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice

Professor Brendan Walsh
Professor Emeritus, School of Economics, UCD

Ms Mary Walsh
Chartered Accountant. Independent member of the National Economic and Social Council.

The Centre is an independent organisation fully funded by Atlantic Philanthropies.