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The Top 15 Reasons Why We Chose WordPress for our site

After an embarrassingly long period with a holding page we’ve now completed the website using the open source blogging software WordPress.

Why we chose WordPress?

In todays web market there are literally hundreds of Content Management Solutions (CMS), some propitiatory and fee based some free or open source. As you can imagine the cream has risen to the top and the forerunners are being chosen over bespoke solutions more than ever as bespoke work can be a costly option and often tends to age quickly. As with all our clients before we chose the right solution we worked out what we wanted to achieve with our website, the requirements fell into two categories, how best to promote our selves and how to make life easier for our selves. We also thought about the basic functions of our website and what they should be. with we have already covered the bases for supporting our clients needs but for really the primary goal was a good rank in the search engines, we also need.

Top 15 reasons we chose WordPress over other systems

WordPress was the obvious choice for the following reasons:

  1. tt’s user friendly, fast and lightweight
  2. it’s SEO friendly
  3. there is a WordPress plugin to cover anything that we need
  4. we can publish to the social networking sites in real time
  5. easy to theme, we are using a customized framework supplied by Rockettheme
  6. customizing design and add widgets is relatively easy compared to other CMSs
  7. it can run both the website and blog (for our news).
  8. RSS feeds have no setup.
  9. it’s W3C compliant
  10. it has lean and customisable URLs, great for Google
  11. it can manage a members only area and password protected areas for privacy.
  12. it’s really easy and quick to upgrade, helping to avoiding hacks and other exploits
  13. works in all browsers on all platforms
  14. we can quickly add a mobile friendly template
  15. we can control everything

Do we think that WordPress is the best CMS?

Of course we don’t, that would be like saying cars are the best vehicles when really there not much good at ploughing fields if you happen to be a farmer. When we talk to our clients we always find out what they need to achieve and then match the solution to their needs. We match the solution to the need of the client, for us WordPress ticked the most boxes.