Two reasons to be cheerful if you run a charity web site in Ireland

US$10,000 Google Adwords free for Irish charitiesDid you know that you can get free .IE Domain names and up to ten thousand dollars worth of free Google Adwords a month? You can, if you are a registered charity in Ireland.

1. The IE Domain Registry offers free domain name registration and renewals for registered charities in the Republic of ireland. This can be organised via your domain name registration company (Lets Host, Blacknight, etc. or though a web site design and development company like Modus who can organise it for you).

2. Google, whose corporate motto is “Don’t be evil“, very generously allow US$10,000 per month Google Adwords FREE to registered charities. That’s €7,678 at today’s rate. Yes, they’ll let charities run ten grand’s worth of paid advertising for nothing, per month. Modus can also help you get this set up.

For more information on either .ie domain registration or Google Adwords, contact Modus at or lo-call 1890 202107

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