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Modus is 20

20 Flipin’ Years of Modus

We should really be out on parole by now for good behaviour. Twenty years ago on 4th July 2002, David and I incorporated our little company, Modus. He came up with the name which is Latin for ‘method’ or the ‘way something is done’. And I’m the one old enough to have done (pass) Latin for Leaving Cert. We still have several clients on the books from when we started out. Now, we’re not doing any 20 year promotions, gimmicks or giving away free crap.

Just saying we’ve managed to stay in the game for two decades despite recessions and a pandemic. Thanks to all our clients, suppliers, families and friends for supporting an independent business dedicated to high standards, hard work, professionalism and ethics in business. Thanks for sticking with us for the first 20 years. We’ll keep doing our best. Give us a like, follow, comment, referral or a good review on Google. We really appreciate it.


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